Tribal arts preservation

Home-spun fabrics, hand-weaving, vegetable-dye, tie-dye, wax-printeing and embroidery... all these traditional techniques are now fading out from tribe’s life quickly as a result of modernization.

Let’s create a space to allow these traditional techniques alive, further developed and melted into tribe’s life in a new height.

As inspired by tribal people and their traditional clothes, Urban Tribe designs eco-friendly yet stylish clothes.  To express our gratitude, we would like to give part of our profit back to our inspiration source.  Urban Tribe supports the training of tribal women (especially young tribal girls) to learn their traditional clothes-making techniques, and to encourage them to wear their traditional clothes in daily life.  We will keep you posted on the news of this activity.

Please join us together to protect the tribal arts and culture by protecting their traditional clothes-making techniques!